Prof. Dr. Klaus Weinberger
Prof. Dr. Klaus Weinberger

Prof. Dr. Klaus Weinberger

Managing Partner, Weinberger & Weinberger Life Sciences Consulting

Day 2, July 6, 12:30 p.m., Session C:
Novel biochemical approaches for next generations of antibiotics

Klaus Weinberger is the founder and managing partner of Weinberger & Weinberger Life Sciences Consulting, the co-founder and CEO of Metaron Diagnostics, and the Managing Director of Health Hub Tirol.

A biochemist and virologist by training, his professional focus is on bioanalytics, in vitro diagnostics, and vaccine development. Klaus started his research on the energy metabolism of hyperthermophilic archaea but spent most of his academic career in hepatitis virology, working for the WHO reference center for viral hepatitis at the University of Regensburg, where he developed and implemented one of the first diagnostically used real-time PCR assays for viral load testing.

Later on, he (co-)founded and/or led several biotech and IT companies, e.g. Biocrates Life Sciences in Innsbruck, Austria, where he implemented the first fully integrated technology platform for targeted metabolomics, WWLSC in Regensburg, Germany, a consultancy with a focus on diagnostics and vaccine development, sAnalytiCo in Belfast, UK, a data analytics
company specialising in network inference, and, most recently, Metaron Diagnostics in Munich, Germany, developing in vitro diagnostic kits for chronic kidney disease and endometriosis.

At Health Hub Tirol, Klaus now creates a regional ecosystem for biotech and medtech start-ups by providing domain expertise, lab infrastructure and funding programs in an integrated tech transfer center.