Dr. Roland Geyer
Dr. Roland Geyer

Dr. Roland Geyer

COO, Lifespin

Day1, July 5: 13:30 Session B:
Collecting and processing big bata: Possibilities & Challenges

Dr. Roland Geyer is currently the Chief Operating Officer of lifespin, a deep data company that maps human health based on metabolic information.
After studying chemistry and earning his doctorate in medicinal chemistry at the University of Regensburg, he joined numares AG as project leader and built and headed the research services department for NMR based multiparameter quantification and metabolomics.

2018 he and his team changed over to lifespin GmbH, a 2017 founded start-up. After setting up operations and service labs he took over as COO and assumed operational responsibility for the implementation of lifespin’s strategy.
Based on its metabolic profiling platform, combining NMR based liquid biopsy, a proprietary profiling software and a database with >150k profiles, lifespin captures digital snapshots of individual metabolism and enables the classification of individual samples. lifespin standardized a baseline for human health to detect distinct deviations in the human metabolome caused by diseases. lifespin’s solutions are accessible via lifespin service labs or as cloud-based SaaS and thus, will learn from many and benefit everyone.